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By Katie Mears

The Concept of Enough

It’s hard to think about what enough means after a disaster. With so many people so acutely struggling right in your own community, you know you must do something. But how many things can you do? 

By Jamie Coats

The Candle of Prayer in All of Us

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rides into Jerusalem in triumph – on a donkey. He arrives not as the force-wielding conquering hero, but as the man who listens to dreams of every person and says, “you are already loved by God.”

By Sean McConnell

Pádraig, the Shepherd Slave

As a boy, Pádraig had not been much for the Christian religion of his parents. In fact, he never was sure what all the fuss was about. From the outset of his captivity, however, the boy found himself praying to that God he did not know so well.

By Christian Kassoff

The Spiritual Practice of Listening

I was with God and God’s people, but I was not yet in dialogue with God or my fellow Christians. I could hear, but I was not listening.

By Dawn Murdock

Recognizing and Reinforcing the Things We Already Have

Episcopal Relief & Development is a collaborative venture – joining us together with our partners around the Anglican Communion and our neighbors living in marginalized communities around the world.

By Rob Radtke

Engaging Men of Faith to Be Champions in the Fight to End Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Episcopal Relief & Development president Rob Radtke reflects on the pursuit of true gender equality and ask the question, what is men’s role in the process?

By Tammi Mott

What Is Your Dream for Your Future?

It is said that the ability to visualize what we want unleashes the power to make it so. 

By Meredith Brown

A Prayer & Vision for All Mothers

This past August, my husband and I traveled to the Holy Land with a group from Episcopal Relief & Development. We spent two days in Nazareth, the place where the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary

By Nagulan Nesiah

The Joys of Worship & Celebration in Myanmar

One of the many questions my friends ask when I describe my work with Episcopal Relief & Development is, “Does conversion happen?” It’s a tough question. 

By Bronwyn Clark Skov

The Peaceful Prayer of Gardening

I hated weeding when I was a child. It felt like a sentence to sweaty, itchy, undeserved duty. And I definitely hated picking the cabbage worms off of the broccoli. But it was better than thinking about how many worms I might eat at the supper table. Fresh vegetables are definitely delicious but decidedly risky. 


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