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Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and civil unrest impact the lives of many of the people we serve. Your gift of food, clean water, medicine and blankets saves lives and fosters recovery.

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In the Ghanaian village that Mumile and Nafissa live in, malaria is a huge problem — especially for mothers like them with young kids. And since the nearest health clinic is over six miles away, preventive measures are extremely valuable. 

Thankfully, Mumile and Nafissa were able to learn about the importance of malaria protection during pregnancy, when women and their babies are especially vulnerable to infection. Both women also received mosquito nets for their homes, which dramatically reduced their risk of being bitten.

“I visited the hospital at least six times a year [due to malaria], and it was taking a heavy toll on my finances,” recalls Mumile. But since she got her mosquito net, she hasn’t had to go the hospital once. “I am very happy,” she says. 

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