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As a relief and development organization working with partners in approximately 40 countries, we often focus on the work at hand, whether it’s training to expand more savings groups or gathering farmers to exchange their expertise so they can help each other succeed. This Lenten season, we thought we would look to our shared faith practices. We reached out to people in our partner organizations and asked how they practice Lent. It became a beautiful reminder about the things we have in common, no matter where you live.

Over the course of Lent, voices from the Zambia Anglican Council, Church of the Province of Myanmar, the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi, the Anglican Council in Malawi, the Anglican Church of Burundi, the Diocese of Namibia Anglican AIDS Programme, the Diocese of Lebombo – Mozambique, ADDRO and CEPAD will share their favorite scriptures, Church traditions and why Lent is important to them.

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