75 Stories Project

Thanks to the support of our program partners, staff and friends around The Episcopal Church, we exceeded our goal and shared 95 stories during the 75th Anniversary Celebration.

We are so grateful to all of you for connecting with our stories. They truly demonstrate how it takes all hands to heal a hurting world. Please take a moment and enjoy some of the stories below.

By Neel Lane

Inspiration for the Journey in 2016: Following Jesus Wherever He Calls Us

I write you at the beginning of a new year, the celebration of Christ’s birth still fresh in our memories.  If you are like me, your Christmas tree is still up, and it will be taken down only reluctantly in the days to come.  And then only because you don’t want to be that crazy neighbor who keeps his tree up until March.

By Episcopal Relief & Development

Holiday Break Reading and Watching List

Here's a reading list for the season, whether you're taking a break from your festivities or laying low in the coming days. This reading and watching list will help pass the time. Enjoy!

By Nagulan Nesiah

'The Work of Christmas' : Healing a Hurting World

One of our greatest challenges as an organization is to identify how best to utilize finite resources.  But it is also a gift.  We have the privilege of being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, by recognizing those most in need and focusing our relief and development initiativ

By Tammi Mott

A day of Celebration, Partnership & Inspiration

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the incredibly strong Nanay Helen, representative of an E-CARE Partner Family and a member of Sabang Boa Housing Association this past month when I attended the Episcopal Church in the Philippines’ Disaster Response Partnership Celebration in Sabang Bao.

By Abagail Nelson

Faith, Resilience, and Empowerment: The 2015 International Symposium

On November 11, we had the honor of hosting the 2015 International Symposium in New York, with presentations from some of our partners worldwide, as well as our own staff and special guests around the international development community. As the capstone event for the 75th Anniversary Celebration, it

By Esther Cohen

Timeless Stories of Laughter During Advent

  It was the fourth Sunday in Advent, and our Christian Education team wanted to do something a little “different” for the children’s sermon.  After all, the children were restless, Christmas was just around the corner, and it certainly seemed like a good opportunity

By Sean McConnell

The Story of St. Nicholas

Once upon a time, there was a young boy. This boy was born into both profound wealth and deep faith. His parents raised him to love Jesus and to be good to others. He knew that all he had was a gift from God, and that he was to honor God in how he lived with these gifts and shared them with others.

By Rebecca J. Vander Muelen

World AIDS Day 2015 - Thoughts from Mozambique

December 1st is World AIDS Day. It's an opportunity to demonstrate international solidarity for people living with HIV and to commemorate the spirit of those who have died battling the deadly disease. Below is a dispatch from Rebecca J. Vander Muelen, the Director of Community Development for

By Faith Rowold

Responding to Global Need, Hunger Program Legacy Lives On

Over the course of the 75th Anniversary Celebration, our 75 Stories Project has given me the opportunity to hear from many of Episcopal Relief & Development's supporters and friends.  This very special blog post comes from two people whose work with the Hunger Program of The Episcopal C

By Rob Radtke

Be Not Afraid

Our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, calls us to “Be not afraid.” I take his words to heart in these tense times.  Terrorism is not an abstract risk around the world and certainly not in New York City where I live with my family. If you let it, fear can paralyze you.  However


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