Our partner NACDO is integrating Early Childhood Development (ECD) work into its Savings with Education work through Moments That Matter® (MTM), a program partnership of Episcopal Relief & Development. The first three years of life set a foundation for learning, behavior and health throughout a child’s life. The MTM program increases access to early learning and development opportunities and programs for children younger than three years of age. It equips caregivers to help their children’s cognitive, psychosocial and physical development needs while also equipping communities to support their healthy development. MTM leverages the assets of Episcopal and Anglican churches with a network of local community and faith leaders and trained ECD volunteers who visit households, lead caregiver support and learning groups and refer caregivers for additional services.

With our support, NACDO supported its Savings with Education groups to motivate them to continue safely engaging in their economic empowerment initiatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. NACDO supplied the groups with hand-washing equipment, reusable face masks, hand sanitizers and soaps. Additionally, their regional coordinators and field facilitators were provided data packages to ensure continuity of work.

Our Results in 2021

22,428 people reached by long-term development programs

4,967 people participated in savings groups

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