Disaster Response

Episcopal Relief & Development works through a global network of local faith and community partners to support people impacted by disasters and other crises like conflict. Our approach is inclusive, comprehensive and forward-looking, building on a community’s existing strengths, assets and resources. With our partners, we strengthen community preparedness, provide emergency relief in the wake of a disaster, and we support long-term recovery and resilience. By investing in communities long after the crisis, Episcopal Relief & Development supports individuals to shape their own futures for a full and sustained recovery.

Episcopal Relief & Development works with our partners to: 

  • Support people impacted and/or displaced by disasters with rebuilding, temporary housing, relocation support, and employment as well as gaining access to food, water, transportation, health and counseling services and other social services.
  • Resource faith and local leaders throughout preparedness, response and recovery phases of a disaster with accompaniment from experienced disaster responders.
  • Build networks of local, regional and international disaster responders and provide co-learning and exchange opportunities to improve program implementation.
  • Prepare for potential threats by installing early alert systems, identifying evacuation routes and developing household preparedness kits in order to build climate resilience, reduce the impact of disasters and jump-start economic recovery.
  • Co-create tools for communities to establish inclusive disaster mitigation and response plans free from emotional, physical or financial discrimination and abuse.

Learn more about our Disaster Resilience work, including our Pastors and Disasters Toolkit and The Resilience Course.

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Photo: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Response, Photo courtesy of International Blue Crescent