PEAB’s programs work to change harmful gender and social norms and practices. PEAB partners with local organizations to provide emergency medical, counseling and other services for survivors of violence in Bujumbura and throughout the rural dioceses. We support PEAB’s strong presence in national-level advocacy forums on violence against women, HIV/AIDS, family planning and other social development issues. PEAB has an active and vibrant Mothers’ Union, one of whose key focus areas is women’s literacy and financial inclusion.

Our partnership focuses on improved agriculture and environmental protection. We work with community members to use farming techniques such as building contour trenches and planting trees on and off farms. As part of this program, farmers learn about composting, improved crop varieties, tree nurseries and other practices that enrich their livelihoods and environment. Since 2013, community members have planted nearly 4.7 million trees in conjunction with the Burundian Ministry of the Environment.

We supported the province as it responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by educating rural communities about hygiene and sanitation best practices. Mobilizing existing networks of volunteers through phone trees and WhatsApp messages, the diocese raised awareness about COVID-19 and emphasized the need for communities to look out for their neighbors. With our support, PEAB’s Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response program strengthened community-based efforts to combat potential increases in violence during the pandemic. The program offered emergency assistance such as providing temporary shelter, food and counseling for survivors as well as expanded awareness of GBV and COVID-19 in the Church’s integrated programs.

Our Results in 2021

16,622 people reached by long-term development programs

1,291 farmers learned climate-smart agricultural techniques

1,314 people participated in savings groups

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