Matthew 25 Legacy Society

4ada254feb48a0098389c8a186226f2dWe are grateful to our Matthew 25 Legacy Society members, who sustain the work of Episcopal Relief & Development through planned gifts such as bequests, life income gifts and charitable trusts.

Planned gifts deepen and strengthen the work of Episcopal Relief & Development across the globe. These special gifts make it possible for us to work together with our trusted and local faith-based partners and their communities for transformative and lasting change.

Many donors choose to designate their gift to our Episcopal Relief & Development Global Needs. This affords us the stability to work with our partners as they stand alongside communities to address and overcome long-standing social challenges. It also allows us the flexibility to act quickly when and where we are needed most. And it supports our ability to carefully monitor our programs for ongoing improvements and scaling up.

You can also designate your gift to be used for one of our four priority areas:

• Women
• Children
• Climate Resilience
• Disaster Preparedness, Relief & Recovery

As you look to the future while you consider making a planned gift, you also help provide for a better future for millions of people around the world.

Please consider joining the Matthew 25 Legacy Society.  Contact us at or 1.855.312.4325.


Matthew 25 Legacy Society members:

V. Mary Abraham and Robert W. Radtke

Dr. Neena S. Abraham

Keith and Eleanor Ackermann

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Anderson

Jonathan B. and Ruth B. Appleyard

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Ash

The Rev. Gilbert S. Avery, III

Ms. Karen Banta

David and Marjorie Baylor

Alden Besse

The Rev. Dr. Helen Betenbaugh

The Rev. Anne Berry Bonnyman

The Rt. Rev. C. Franklin Brookhart, Jr., and Dr. Susan M. Brookhart

Anna C. Brophy

The Very Rev. Don and Mrs. Carol Anne Brown

The Revs. Gwen and John Buehrens

John and Marilyn Buenz

Ed and Eleanor Burchianti

JoAnne P. Calhoun, PhD

Pauline Sara Chandler and Greg Chanis

Adele and Russell Chappell

Lindsay Kudner Coates

The Rev. Paul A. Colbert

James H. and Deborah J. Collins

The Rev. John R. Collins

Dr. Stephen L. Cooper

The Rev. Pamela Cooper-White, PhD

Carolyn Cosgriff

Ms. Claire Cowden

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Miriam DeJongh

Barbara D. Deller

John Denham

Mary Elizabeth Dent

D. Detgen

Rich and Lorrie Dykstra

The Rev. Canon Beth Wickenberg Ely, PhD

Dr. Alan and Cordula Fisher

Clair R. and Allene H. Fissler

Kenneth D. Fleming

Ronald and Andrea Foisy

The Rev. and Mrs. Peter C. Fulghum

Mr. George Furrer

The Rev. Deacon Gail S. Ganter-Toback

The Ven. Charles and Carol Gearing

Dolores Russell Goble

H. Carlyle Gravely

Lee Ellen Griffith, PhD

The Rev. Lisa B. Hamilton

The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haugaard

Elaine M. (Schlachter) Hibbeler-Carmann

Josephine H. Hicks

Patricia (Pat) Hill

Beth Hopf

The Rev. Beverly A. Hosea, TSSF

Michael A. Houle

The Rev. Dr. Francis A. Hubbard

William and Deborah Hunley

Sharon Johnson

Beverly Perkins Jones

The Rev. Dr. Johannas Asmussen Jordan

The Rev. John L. Kater, Jr.

Frances Kellogg

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Kemmler

Neel Lane

Martha P. Lankford

The Rev. Lucy D. and Mr. David V. LaRocca

Pamela Larson

Olive Liechty-DePonte

Eric E. Linder

Karen Longenecker

Janice and Gary Lubin

William Maina

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Mainman

David M. Martin and Steven R. Godfrey

John H. Martin

The Rev. Jean Mather

Debby Mayer

Mary Alice McBride

K. Ann McCartney and Norman F. Lindquist

Peter and Jane Melhuish

Nick and Nancy Moga

Elizabeth and Michael Mooney

Lena B. Moore

The Rev. Heather Mueller

Theodore J. Nicou

Mr. K. Scott and the Rev. Susan Norris

Janet Fitch Parker

Leta S. Parks

The Rev. Louisa T. Parsons

The Rt. Rev. William and Nancy Persell

Mr. Harmon B. Person

Carol Evelyn Piety

The Rev. Lauran Pifke and Mr. Frederick Hansen

Annette S. Pilcher

Ms. Day Smith Pritchartt

Eleanor Haynes Prugh

Jeffrey Pugh and Jennifer Stern

The Rev. Judy Quick

The Rev. Warren R. Radtke and Judith Lockhart Radtke

The Rev. C. Corydon and Marian Montgomery Randall

John E. Robertson

Molly and Don Robinson

The Reverend Stephen L. and Gayle P. Rudacille

Linda and Michael Schmidt

The Rt. Rev. Gordon and Rebecca Scruton

Peter and Sabine Sehlinger

Jonathan and Leigh Serrie

Ronald V. Shearin

Kimberly D. Shelton Carter

The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Sherfick

Anne E. Silver

John Simonelli

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Smith

The Rev. Letitia L. Smith

Mike and Susan Smith

Sue and Drew Snyder

Scotty Steele

John F. Tacchino

Patricia L. Taylor

Roger Tilden

Arther Treffry

The Rev. Margaret A. and Mr. Richard G. Trezevant

Celeste Ventura

Joyce Bogardus Walker

The Rev. Joy E. Walton

Evangeline Warren

John and Linda Welsch

The Rev. Elisa Wheeler

John and Linda Welsch

The Rev. Dr. Joyce M. Wilkinson

Mollie A. Williams and F. Peter Williams

Paulette Williams

Joan Pepin and Michael Woods

The Rev. Susan L. Wrathall

The Rev. Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Marguerite Zabriskie