Democratic Republic of Congo

Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering with the Province of the Anglican Church of the Congo (PEAC) to address violence against women by increasing church and community participation in response, awareness and prevention.

The gender-based violence prevention project was piloted in the Diocese of Aru in 2016 to develop a program that could be used in other dioceses around the DRC. It aimed to prevent violence against women by equipping faith and community leaders to educate their communities and reduce the devastating effects of violence on individuals and their communities. The program also supported survivors by providing immediate medical care, as well as psychological support and follow-up care. Additionally, the project provides support to survivors, including legal representation against aggressors in a provincial court. In 2018, the project expanded into five new health zones, reaching the entire Diocese of Aru. 

In 2020, the Diocese of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has also launched its 2020 violence against women and children (VAWC) project, with the support of Episcopal Relief & Development. The Diocese of Bukavu plans to work with faith and community leaders to advocate for women and children’s rights and provide accompaniment to survivors of sexual violence. In addition, it intends to provide psychosocial, spiritual, socioeconomic, medical and legal assistance to survivors of sexual violence. The program will equip 100 faith and community leaders with tools and resources to work on the prevention and response to violence against 500 women and girls in Bukavu.


Our work with Women focuses on helping communities promote the rights of women and children and move toward the vision that everyone deserves a life free from violence in a society where they are treated with dignity and respect. Only then can communities truly heal and thrive.

Gender equality, women’s empowerment and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response are cross-cutting themes that shape and inform all of Episcopal Relief & Development’s integrated programs worldwide. In order to sustainably and equitably address hunger, poverty, disease and post-disaster relief and recovery, local attitudes and customs around gender, power and gender-based violence must also be taken into account.

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