Integrated Approach


Our international partnerships address challenges in remote communities around the world, as well as in urban environments where extreme poverty persists. In many of these places, the Church is often one of the few institutions people trust and turn to for help, often in the absence of government systems and services.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our work is inspired by and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Global Goals. World leaders agreed on these 17 goals at the United Nations’ summit in September of 2015. They are focused on ending poverty, fighting inequality and tackling issues related to climate change by the year 2030. Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Asset-Based Community Development

Instead of imposing “one-size-fits-all” solutions, we support unique, local long-term initiatives that address the effects of hunger, poverty, disaster and disease. Through our Asset-Based Community Development methodology, we work with communities to recognize their existing skills, gifts and resources. Thus, we empower and work alongside local leaders and residents who are best equipped to identify and address the most pressing needs. Click here to learn more about our Asset-Based Community Development model.

International Program Strategies

Our programs incorporate several activities to help drive change and support our three priorities: women, children and climate.
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Clean Water – Empowering communities to create and maintain clean and safe sources of water

Malaria – Enabling families to prevent a deadly disease with mosquito nets and education

Agriculture – Helping farmers improve food production and increase their income through sustainable agricultural practices

Maternal & Child Health – Providing expectant mothers and their children access to life-saving care and education

Sanitation & Hygiene – Enabling communities to access adequate sanitation systems and protect against disease

Micro-Finance – Supporting entrepreneurs in learning skills and establishing thriving businesses

Disaster Risk Reduction – Equipping local churches to better prepare for and respond to emergencies

Gender Issues & Addressing Violence Against Women and Children– Strengthening faith networks to promote gender equality and end violence against women and children.