Our partnership empowers women and youth with vocational training and skills-building through diocesan projects for economically and socially marginalized groups. We also promote advocacy and raising awareness around LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion and human rights among clergy, community leaders and other community members. With our support, SADD created Casa Noeli, a support house for women experiencing gender-based violence.

SADD is strengthening its voice and role in ecumenical and NGO dialogues related to sexual and gender-based violence and the rights of sexual minorities as it and the IEAB become leaders in community mobilization and advocacy, in part by integrating gender justice and gender-based violence prevention into their programs and services.

In response to COVID-19, SADD distributed food, hygiene and cleaning supplies to women, adolescents and children, particularly those in vulnerable communities such as those without homes and domestic violence survivors. SADD also supplied personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers.

In addition, SADD provided support to indigenous communities in the Ribeira Valley that have been particularly vulnerable due to isolation from medical services. Tourism and trade were main sources of income for the communities, both of which have been impacted. Leveraging its volunteers, SADD distributed PPE, medicine and cleaning supplies. Additionally, the organization supported the cultivation of sustainable vegetable gardens and livestock such as chickens.

Our Results in 2021

15,041 people reached by long-term development programs

10,988 people directly reached by disaster response projects

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