Abundant Life Garden Project

Abundant Life Garden Project®

Abundant Life Garden Project is an interactive, Scripture-based children’s program developed to share the work of Episcopal Relief & Development with elementary school-aged students.

This flexible, free program invites children to participate in our mission by exploring five thematic lessons on Water, Seeds, Soil, Animals and Harvest. The program is shared below in the format of Sunday School curriculum which is divided into weekly lessons and Vacation Bible School curriculum which is divided into daily lessons. The same material is used in both curriculums, but the format is different. We invite you to adapt the curriculum according to your needs. Supplemental material is also included for both formats.

In learning to be thankful for the bounty that God has provided in Creation, participants of this program are encouraged to raise funds for Episcopal Relief & Development using the Gifts for Life catalog. Parishes, teachers, groups and families can take action and share their abundance with those in need around the world.

Sunday School

Weekly Lessons

Week 1: Water

Week 2: Soil

Week 3: Seeds

Week 4: Animals

Week 5: Harvest

Week 6: Celebration

Sunday School

Supplemental Materials

Vacation Bible School

Daily Lessons

Day 1: Water

Day 2: Soil

Day 3: Seeds

Day 4: Animals

Day 5: Harvest

Day 6: Celebration

Vacation Bible School

Supplemental Materials

Additional Curriculum