Responding to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Responding to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Web Statement

July 2, 2019

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting the Province of the Anglican Church of the Congo (PEAC) in providing emergency shelter, food and critical supplies for people displaced by the recent upsurge in violence in the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The rise in violence has created instability and insecurity in many areas around the country, causing people to leave their homes in search of safety. Several groups have been significantly impacted including orphaned children, families with children under five, people with disabilities, single parents/ caregivers, and the elderly. According to the UN, more than 300,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in June.

With the support of Episcopal Relief & Development, PEAC is providing emergency assistance such as food, clothing, pastoral counseling, medical kits, and other basics for over 600  families in the dioceses of Bukavu, Boga, Kamango, and Kindu. Local churches are providing temporary shelter and food in church buildings and schools. Church partners are also providing non-food items such as soap, cookware, blankets, mattresses, and other emergency supplies while making plans to support these communities long-term. Episcopal Relief & Development is also working with PEAC on a response to the Ebola crisis in the affected areas.

“Because of the increased violence in the DRC and the growing health crisis, many individuals and families have been displaced and their homes have been destroyed,” said Nagulan Nesiah, Episcopal Relief & Development’s Senior Programme Officer, Disaster Response Risk and Reduction. “We are working with our partners to provide emergency assistance and help support these communities with agricultural and construction supplies so that they can rebuild when it is safe for them to return home.”

Please pray for communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo impacted by this crisis. Donations to the International Disaster Response Fund will help Episcopal Relief & Development continue to respond to this emergency and others around the world.

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