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By The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings

Easter: a cause for childlike wonder

Happy Easter, everyone! The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings describes the Easter story with childlike wonder.

By Sean McConnell

12 Songs to Soothe Your Soul on Good Friday

This playlist will help you focus on the meaning of Good Friday. 

By Dawn Murdock

Giving Back to God as an Act of Worship

Out of the mouths of babes...Dawn shares a story about a time when she attended children's church in Zambia and heard a heartfelt sermon from an impressive young person.

By Christina Irene

Measuring Success in Kenya and Beyond

Christina introduces an exciting new measurement tool that Episcopal Relief & Development has invested in. This new tool will change the way the organization can accurately calculate the impact of its community-led programs around the world.

By The Rev. Canon C.K. Robertson

Ash Wednesday: A Call to Wake Up

On Ash Wednesday, Canon Chuck Robertson reminds us of its significance.

By The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

One Dress. 40 Days : #LentMyWay

Hillary Raining will be wearing the same dress for 40 days of Lent. The Rector of St. Christopher's Church in Gladwyne, PA is embarking on a journey to connect her faith with her passion for creating a sustainable future and raising awareness of Episcopal Relief & Development. Starting on Ash Wednesday (2/14/18), she will be posting a photograph each day to her website, reflecting on the Lenten meditation from the day from our 2018 Lenten Meditations booklet and encouraging friends and readers to donate to our programs. In this blog, we learn what motivates her to enter into this faithful journey.

By Mike Smith

Small Church Plays Big Role in a Community’s Recovery

All across the dioceses of Southeast Florida and Central Florida, church partners are helping in ways large and small. Read on and discover how the St. Columba Episcopal Church in Marathon, Florida is making a difference in their community.

By Lindsay Coates

The Art of Empowerment and Transformation from Within

As 2017 comes to an end, outgoing board member Lindsay Coates reflects on the art of empowerment and transformation from within. 

By Neel Lane

Year Round Blessings: a Gift for life

Neel Lane, Chair of our Board of Directors, shares what he finds to be the most special part of giving and receiving. 

By Vanessa Pizer

Pain that is Not Transformed is Transferred

Program Officer Vanessa Pizer shares how Episcopal Relief & Development and its partners are engaging with trauma awareness and resilience.


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