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By Nagulan Nesiah

International Disaster Preparedness Day | Localizing Response to Disasters

We continue to pray for those impacted by the wildfires in Northern California and those beginning to recover from recent hurricanes. For International Disaster Preparedness Day, Nagulan Nesiah, Sr. Program Officer for Disaster Risk Reduction,  shares some important news about disaster preparedness. 

By Jessica A. Forrester

Day of the Girl | Empowered Girls Strengthen Communities

On #DayoftheGirl, Jessica expresses the importance of girls development around the world. 

By Kellie McDaniel

Early Childhood Development: An Exchange to Appreciate

In this blog, Kellie McDaniel, Senior Program Officer at Episcopal Relief & Development anticipates a co-learning opportunity between community partners from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya on the topic of Integrated Early Childhood Development.

By Rob Radtke

The Water and Sanitation Mystery

In a recent report that our President Rob Radtke read, he came across a mystery. 

By Xerxes Eclipse

Changing How the Story Ends

Xerxes shares how inspired he has been by the giving hearts of donors to Episcopal Relief & Development.

By Sean McConnell

Loving God, Yourself and Others in Disaster Response

In this blog, Sean McConnell reminds us that disaster response is not a sprint, but a marathon and that an essential part of helping others begins with love.

By The Reverend J. David Knight

Lessons from Katrina and How to Help After A Disaster

The 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was last week, coinciding with the landfall of Hurricane Harvey and now Irma. In this blog, the Rev. David Knight offers a reflection on how he and his community recovered from this catastrophic disaster. As we respond to immediate and long-term needs during intense hurricane season, Father Knight shares thoughtful tips and lessons for anyone who wants to help communities impacted by the storms.

By Rob Radtke

Hurricane Harvey 2017: What can I do to help?

Learn how you can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. President of Episcopal Relief & Development Rob Radtke writes about the three R's of disaster: Rescue, Relief and Recovery, then reminds us that our response to Hurricane Harvey and disasters like it are a marathon, not a sprint. 

By Richard Hoff

Faithful Giving Impacts Generations To Come

A conversation with Reverend John Buenz, a long-standing giving partner of Episcopal Relief & Development, shows how faithful giving can impact generations to come. 

By Sara Delaney

Farmers' Faces Tell A Joyful Story Despite Unpredictability

In this blog, Senior Program Officer, Sara Delaney celebrates the farmers she's worked with throughout the years.


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