Take a Storytelling Journey Through Kenya!

Are you ready for an immersive journey through Kenya? That’s what it feels like when listening to Major Gifts Officer Mike Smith share his in-depth experience of visiting families, savings groups, health clinics and passion fruit farmers in Kenya

You have the option to experience this storytelling journey in its entirety by clicking on the first video below, or choose to go to each chapter that follows at your convenience. Either way, sit back and enjoy the ride you will not be disappointed! 

A Storytelling Journey Through Kenya - The Full Journey

The Journey Begins - Chapter 1

Savings Groups Empower - Chapter 2

Hosted by a Beautiful Family - Chapter 3

Visit a Health Clinic that Helps Mothers and Their Children - Chapter 4

Passion Fruit Farming Takes Off in Kenya- Chapter 5

Share a Feast on a Farm in Kenya - Chapter 6

Soak up the Natural Beauty of Kenya -  Chapter 7

Final Comments - Chapter 8

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Mike Smith is the Major Gifts Officer for Episcopal Relief & Development.

Images: Screenshots from A Storytelling Journey Through Kenya video.

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