Core Areas

Core Areas



Episcopal Relief & Development works closely with Church partners and local organizations in almost 40 countries worldwide, creating long-term, local strategies to address global challenges.

Our programs center around four core areas to reduce poverty, hunger and disease and create stronger, more resilient communities after disasters.


Alleviating Hunger

We partner with organizations and communities around the globe to increase and stabilize local food supply. Learn more about our programs to alleviate hunger worldwide.

Creating Economic Opportunities

In collaboration with our global partners, we provide resources to create economic opportunities and help women and other vulnerable communities to establish financial independence. Read about our work.

Promoting Health

Our partnerships support communities with education, resources and trained local volunteers to promote health and fight disease. Learn more about our integrated health programs.

Responding to Disasters

We work with partners in the United States and worldwide to increase preparedness and provide assistance in emergency situations. Learn about our disaster response and recovery programs.