US Disaster Program

US Disaster


Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program connects, equips and inspires leaders of US dioceses in The Episcopal Church to prepare for hazards that might affect their communities, to mitigate the impact of disasters and to help vulnerable people make a full and sustained recovery.

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Responding to Disasters

The US Disaster Program works with diocesan and congregational leadership in areas that have been affected by disasters. We partner with diocesan leaders by providing technical resources and connections to others around the country who have faced similar challenges, as well as access to the Ready to Serve volunteer database.  Click to learn more about our current disaster recovery programs and past partnerships.

When necessary, we may also provide emergency financial assistance to dioceses to supplement these resources, enabling churches to connect with and offer assistance to their most vulnerable neighbors. Emergency funds are distributed through the local bishop’s office, often with the help of a Diocesan Disaster Coordinator, who communicates with Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program team. Learn who your Diocesan Disaster Coordinator is.

When a disaster happens, it’s common to see an even greater need for assistance a few months after the event – after the National Guard, TV cameras and many other aid agencies have gone. We partner with Episcopal dioceses for the long term, as they work with underserved and marginalized populations in their communities, enabling them to make a full and sustained recovery. Find out more about how you can help when a disaster happens, or click to donate to the US Disaster Program.

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Preparing for Disasters

Episcopal Relief & Development’s Disaster Preparedness Initiative equips Episcopal dioceses in the United States to prepare for and respond to disasters. Dioceses that sign on to the initiative receive ongoing training, resources and support from Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program.

The program is building a national volunteer and skill database called Ready to Serve, holding local and regional trainings and assisting dioceses with coordination and planning.

The Resource Library is an online collection of materials that catalogues disaster preparedness and response best practices, allowing tips and lessons learned from Episcopal dioceses and congregations in the US to be shared throughout the Church.

To browse these resources, click here. Read past issues of our Lamplight newsletter for examples of how the Church is preparing for and responding to disasters.

To learn more about preparedness activities in your own diocese, contact your Diocesan Disaster Coordinator.




Resources & Learning

Click below to access our Resource Library and learn more about our efforts around the world.

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