Safe Church

Episcopal Relief & Development is here to support you in safeguarding your church and planning how best to use your gifts to care for your community  and serve your neighbors after an emergency.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Develop a congregational preparedness plan: Episcopal Relief & Development has created several levels of preparedness guides to help congregations prepare for and respond to disasters. There is also an accompanying facilitator’s guide to help walk you through the process.

  • Put your church on the Map:The Episcopal Asset Map, a joint project between The Episcopal Church and Episcopal Relief & Development, is an online tool for highlighting the ministries of The Episcopal Church. Does your church have a kitchen, a food pantry ministry or something else that could help in a disaster? Take the survey on the Episcopal Asset Map to be a resource to your community in time of need!

  • Build emergency kits as a congregation: Include “A Season of Resilience” inserts in your weekly church bulletin. Each week, the inserts will walk you through building a disaster kit, as well as suggesting low- and no-cost preparedness activities you can do during the week. If you already have an emergency kit, be sure to replace any items that have expired!

  • Host a risk workshop to boost resilience within your congregation, ministry group or community: You and other church leaders have the ability to lessen the impact of disasters. By following this workshop, you and your congregation will identify likely hazards and specific next steps about how you can lessen those risks.

  • Sign-up for Ready to Serve: You can add your name to a list of potential volunteers who are ready and willing to assist after disasters in your community and around the country.

  • Connect with your Diocesan Disaster Coordinator: Diocesan Disaster Coordinators have been designated by their bishops to help their dioceses prepare for emergencies. Contact your coordinator to learn more about preparedness efforts in your area.

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