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Provide a stable source of food and earnings.

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Flock of Chickens

Provide a sustainable source of food and income.

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Help a family break the cycle of poverty.

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Family Garden

Cultivate nutrition and income for an entire family.

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Improve nutrition for malnourished families.

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Fruit Trees

Enrich a family's food supply and farmland.

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Seeds, Tools & Training

Provide the tools to thrive.

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Wells & Water Systems

Save a village.

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Clean Water

 Provide life's most basic necessity.

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Nurture & Nourish the Earliest Learners

Nourish tomorrow's minds today.

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Disaster Relief Kits

Provide lifesaving necessities in times of crisis.

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Educate Children Affected by AIDS

Provide hope to a child in need.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Provide access to fresh, clean water.

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Community Garden

Help grow strong communities.

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Plant the seeds for long-term growth

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Mosquito Nets & Training

Protect communities from the threat of malaria.

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Health Clinics

Offer critical care wherever it's needed.

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Care for Moms & Newborns

 Protect vulnerable moms and their babies.

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Postnatal Care

Safeguard infants from deadly illness.

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Vitamins & Preventive Medicine

Give children a foundation for good health.

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Training of Community Health Workers

Help spread lifesaving information and education.

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Micro-Credit Loans for Women

 Give women the tools to succeed.

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Vocational Training

Help people pursue a brighter future.

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Women's Literacy Groups

Increase women's access to information and resources.

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Savings Groups for Women

Empower women through microfinance.

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Medicine Package & Training

Help her fight the triple threat to children's health.

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Gifts for Families gift package 2

Make a world of difference to an entire family.

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