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Millions of people worldwide are impacted by natural disasters and civil unrest that devastate communities and claim countless lives.

When catastrophe strikes, Episcopal Relief & Development and its partners in the United States and worldwide respond to disasters and help rebuild communities.  We provide life-saving assistance that reduces suffering, helps restore dignity and jump-starts economic recovery.

Working with Church agencies and other organizations at home and abroad, we empower communities to meet local needs after natural disasters such as to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods― as well as human-made conflicts including war and other acts of violence.  Our partners deliver critical basics such as food, water and other necessities after emergencies.  We remain present in communities long after the crisis is over to help them heal, recover and rebuild. 

Our disaster risk reduction and preparedness efforts focus on helping people prepare in advance of crises to reduce impact on vulnerable and underserved communities.  This work involves coordination and training for local partners and community members so they are better able to serve and care for at-risk populations. 

Your donations help communities prepare for and respond to emergencies, and address long-term recovery needs by:

  • Delivering life-saving supplies such as food, water, shelter, medicine and other basics
  • Offering trauma counseling and other special services for survivors
  • Promoting small business development and income-generating opportunities to help fuel economic recovery
  • Empowering partners to conduct needs assessments and create long-term recovery plans
  • Supporting long-term recovery efforts such as rebuilding and repairing homes, schools, clinics, water systems and other community structures
  • Assisting Episcopal dioceses in the United States with developing preparedness and response programs

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