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Wells & Water Systems

Your gift will provide clean water and training in well maintenance and basic hygiene - helping secure access to one of life's necessities and allowing families to grow strong for the future.


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Success Story: Promoting Hygiene Through Education

Maryline is a seven-year-old student at Saint Matthieu School in Leogane, Haiti. Along with her fellow students, she learned about good hygiene through Episcopal Relief & Development’s Green School program. In the first few sessions, Maryline told us that she did not drink treated water or wash her hands before eating.


After learning about the importance of basic hygiene, Maryline taught her family what she’d learned at school and made some changes at home. Her mother said that Maryline no longer allows kitchen utensils to be washed in the irrigation canals near the family’s house. She also prepares a bottle of treated water for her father each morning so he doesn’t have to drink the untreated water sold at his work site. Because of Maryline, her family now only drinks treated water and everyone washes their hands regularly.


Maryline is an inspiring example of how raising awareness in one child can influence an entire family. Basics for Life gifts such as clean water and hygiene education truly have a lasting impact.

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