Alternative Gift Market Materials and Resources

Get started with free materials and other resources

When preparing for an Alternative Gift Market you might want to order the following items. Please be sure to place orders at least two (2) full weeks before your event to ensure delivery before the day of your event.

Gifts for Life catalogs and brochures

These catalogs replace traditional mail order catalogs and offer your congregation dozens of ways to purchase gifts for their friends and family that make a lasting impact on people in need around the world. If you’re planning a Christmas-season market, special Christmas catalogs are available.

Hope Chests

Hope Chests give the children of your congregation the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in need. Hope Chests can be ordered prior to an Alternative Gift Market and distributed in Sunday school or youth group. Encourage children to make some sacrifices — like giving up a favorite snack, or their weekend movie — to fill their Hope Chest and bring it to the Alternative Gift Market. (The Hope Chest Activity Sheet will also help them understand how the money they put into the Hope Chest will impact another child’s life.) We ask that parents help children count the contents of the Hope Chest, and write a check for the amount to Episcopal Relief & Development.

To order Gifts for Life catalogs and Hope Chests as well as other free Episcopal Relief & Development resourcesplease visit Forward Movement, call 1.800.543.1813. A minimal shipping and handling fee will be added to orders, which are otherwise free of charge.

Additional information and downloadable resources to help you host a successful event

  • Visit our Special Campaigns page for additional resources, including resources for fundraising and FAQs. 
  • Use Advent Buttons – Joyful stickers to celebrate contributing to Gifts for Life – For use with Avery 8293 1 1/2″ Round Labels.  (PDF)
  • For more information about Advent and for additional Advent Resources, please visit the Advent Toolkit.