Episcopal Relief & Development Supports Hurricane Recovery in Western North Carolina

Episcopal Relief & Development Supports Hurricane Recovery in Western North Carolina

Press Release

February 7, 2022 

Episcopal Relief & Development has partnered with the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina to provide resources and support to Latino communities in the western part of the state in response to Tropical Storm Fred and other storms which struck the area in 2021. 

“The Diocese of Western North Carolina has seen an increase in the number of people throughout North Carolina seeking aid for disaster relief in the wake of the pandemic and multiple tropical storms in 2021,” said Lura Steele, Program Officer, US Disaster Program, Episcopal Relief & Development. “Staff have identified significant needs in Latino communities in particular and have developed a plan to address these needs.”

Tropical Storm Fred was the most destructive storm to hit North Carolina in the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season. The storm moved through the western part of North Carolina on August 17, dumping more than a foot of rain on already water-soaked areas and causing flash floods. It also spawned several tornadoes. Millions of dollars of property, homes, buildings and crops were damaged or destroyed.

The diocese is partnering with Episcopal Relief & Development, and collaborating with the Episcopal Farmworkers Ministry and other regional organizations to provide assistance to Latino communities, including undocumented workers, who have been impacted by the recent disasters. The diocese is creating a joint program for disaster-preparation training and long-term support, including direct financial aid, shelter, medical care, clothing and other supplies. The program will develop and distribute health and disaster safety information in Spanish based on materials created by Episcopal Relief & Development.

“Many agricultural and undocumented workers in Latino communities lost income due to the pandemic and tropical storms,” continued Steele. “This program aims to come alongside them to help rebuild and prepare for future disasters.”

Learn more about Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program here.


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