Faith-Based and Evidence-Driven: Meet the New Board Chair

"It's one of the distinctive characteristics of the work we do at Episcopal Relief & Development—that is this unique intersection of being faith-based and evidence-driven. When we can bring those things together, the power is magnified."

Board member and Rector for the All Saints’ Episcopal Church Steven Paulikas sat down with Teri Lawver, Global Vice President of Johnson & Johnson Corporation and the new Board Chair of Episcopal Relief & Development. Teri shares stories of growing up Episcopalian and also talks about Episcopal Relief & Development’s focus on true, long-term change and impact.

Listen to this candid conversation and learn more about Teri and how Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering up around the world for lasting change.


Key Program Priorities: Episcopal Relief & Development collaborates with communities around the world to address three life-changing priorities—Women, Children and Climate—creating authentic, lasting results that can be sustained by the communities themselves.

Micro-Finance: In collaboration with local churches and community organizations, Episcopal Relief & Development offers micro-finance services, along with business and vocational training, enabling entrepreneurs to purchase materials or inventory, along with business and marketing training that positions them to succeed.

Maternal & Child Health: In order to reduce illness and death among expectant and new mothers and their children, Episcopal Relief & Development supports local initiatives that train health workers and community volunteers to actively engage with families and monitor child health.


Teri Lawver (Province II, Chair) is the Global Commercial Strategy Leader, Global Vice President, for the Immunology Therapeutic Area with Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.




The Rev. Steven D. Paulikas
(Province II)
is rector of All Saints' Church in Brooklyn.

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