Our integrated approach promotes gender equity and creates economic stability which helps shift cultural views on women. Men and women are encouraged to share parenting and household duties. Women are encouraged to take an active role in financial decisions and to earn their own income. Savings groups empower people, most of whom are women.

The groups offer access to training and micro-loans for business development. Moments That Matter® (MTM), a program partnership of Episcopal Relief & Development supporting vulnerable families with children under 3, incorporates an integrated health component. The program encourages pregnant women to seek prenatal care and promotes nutrition for mother and child.

We are equipping parents and others to help children younger than three years old thrive. Our Moments That Matter® program enables caregivers to address children’s cognitive, psychosocial and physical development needs while also equipping communities to support their healthy development. The program’s goal is to ensure young children reach the developmental milestones that will help them live healthier and more prosperous lives.

MTM leverages the assets of Episcopal and Anglican churches with a network of local leaders and trained Early Childhood Development volunteers. ADDRO-trained community volunteers also work to prevent illnesses in children younger than five years of age such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia and to ensure that babies receive recommended vaccinations.

Our comprehensive climate-smart agricultural program trains farmers to increase crop yield, reduce post-harvest losses and improve income while protecting the environment. Farmers can access improved seed varieties for a greater variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. The program offers training to process crops into products like peanut butter and shea butter, which have a longer shelf life and greater value in the market. Training in livestock care and access to healthy animals provides additional sustainable food and income. 

Our ADDRO partners adapted their programs to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and project participants. ADDRO provides personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizers to all staff and community volunteers such as their Early Childhood Development Promoters and Climate Resilience Volunteers and has implemented physical distancing protocols to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Episcopal Relief & Development supported all 11 of the province’s dioceses in their COVID-19 response as they provided education about reducing the spread of the virus, PPE, hygiene supplies and food assistance.

Our Results in 2023

22,949 individuals directly reached by long-term development programs.

8,351 individuals actively involved in Savings with Education (SwE) micro-finance programming savings groups.

7,488 women engaged in economic empowerment activities.

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