We Believe

Episcopal Relief & Development’s Credo

WE BELIEVE our life-giving, loving, liberating God gives all, gathers all and draws all towards shared wholeness with one another and the concerns of those struggling with poverty, disaster and disease.

WE BELIEVE in faith’s power to guide us in honoring the dignity of every human being and in building bridges between and beyond ourselves to the world.

WE BELIEVE bridges built with local presence and assets can transform individuals, communities and systems for better.

WE BELIEVE systemic change requires collaborative, just and reconciling leadership.

WE BELIEVE we are called to right the wrongs and sins of the past, even as we strive to repent of those sins and any we continue to commit.

WE BELIEVE the present state of the world does not fulfill the dream God intends for us.

WE BELIEVE in urgent, bold and inclusive humanitarian action that reaches the most vulnerable, builds toward tomorrow and fosters and spreads hope and healing.

WE BELIEVE in Working Together for Lasting Change.

We ask God to bless this work.