Advent 3

Advent 3

Create a creche to tell the story of Jesus’ birth

The creche reminds us of Jesus’ humble beginnings.

He was born in a manger amongst livestock. As you set up the creche, contemplate on the importance of clean drinking water, nutrition and economic stability to the overall wellbeing for children.


Advent 3 Story

Storyteller Kathy Culmer shares the story of the creche for the third week in Advent.

DIY Creche

Create a DIY creche using blocks, river rocks or sticks.

Additional Resources


Advent Calendar

Bring Gifts for Life to your family and your congregation during the season of Advent with this printable Advent Calendar.


Give friends and family this ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE insert as a reminder to visit our website and purchase a gift to support our work with children.

Alternative Gift Market


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