JOIN US! You can set up your own special on-line fundraiser to inspire others to be part of Episcopal Relief & Development’s work with communities world wide.

IT’S EASY. You can set your own personalized page, set a goal, invite friends, create a team of supporters, and see the generosity flow.

IT’S FUN. Organize one for yourself or lead one in your community. Click here to set up your event.

You can access our free and simple Instructions for Setting Up Individual Fundraising Pages to get started.

Here are some simple fundraising ideas:

        • Gifts in honor of your birthday or anniversary: Invite others to give to Episcopal Relief & Development in lieu of gifts.
        • Let’s Talk: Use our Let’s Talk conversation cards to start meaningful conversations with your family. Add to the discussion facts about Episcopal Relief and Development’s work with children and our Moments That Matter® program.
        • Love Hunt at home: Plan a scavenger hunt in your home or yard. Print, then hide cards with the 9 gifts that nurture children. Discuss how those gifts help the children in your family or church grow, and how you can help other children reach their full potential.
        • Love Hunt in the community: Plan a scavenger hunt in your community. Print the large size cards with the 9 gifts that nurture children. Have parishioners put them in their yard or hang them on their door. Safely walk or drive to find all the gifts.
        • Acts of Love Toolkit: Our Acts of Love Toolkit has ideas for children, teen and adults to share acts of kindness. By doing a simple act of love we can teach others about compassion and how easy it is to love others.
        • Acts of Love Bingo: Create a challenge in your community to see who can get BINGO first. Our Acts of Love Bingo card has ideas to share an Act of Love with your friends and family. An Act of Love can make someone’s day special.
        • Be creative! Start a fundraiser for International Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, your spring congregational fundraiser, or simply because you care. That is reason enough.