NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund Launches Innovative and Educational Website Focused on Malaria

The NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund campaign is launching a new website, accessible at The new site provides practical tools and meaningful information to help develop local campaigns in dioceses, schools, universities and seminaries across the country. The site will serve as a major hub for this important initiative to keep all donors and volunteers up to speed on the larger campaign progress. 

“It is a thrill to see this website come to life,” said the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry of the Diocese of North Carolina, Co-Chair of the NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund Campaign Advisory Committee. “As our diocese prepares to launch a NetsforLife® campaign with a goal of raising one net per communicant, or 40,000 nets, this online resource will be an vital tool for local engagement.”

“This past weekend we announced The Episcopal Church in Minnesota’s campaign inviting each of our 19,714 members to take part in the NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund,” reflected the Rt. Rev. Brian Prior of the Diocese of Minnesota, Co-Chair of the Campaign Advisory Committee. “Offering this dynamic and easy-to-use website will add so much value to this national effort.” 

The NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund is an initiative of Episcopal Relief & Development that was established to increase awareness about the agency’s malaria-focused program partnership and raise critical funds to support the work. The Inspiration Fund was launched at The Episcopal Church’s 2009 General Convention. As part of a renewed commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Church pledged 0.7% of its annual budget to inspire Episcopalians to participate in the fight to stop the spread of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The Inspiration Fund will empower local Episcopal communities to realize their potential to help shape a better world. Through this special initiative, parishioners, clergy, students and seminarians can continue to support the MDGs by partnering at the grassroots level within their respective institutions to help NetsforLife® deliver upon its promise to distribute 7 million nets over the next three years. 

“Through the Inspiration Fund website, visitors will be encouraged to take part in this exciting initiative,” stated Laura Ellen Muglia of the Diocese of Olympia, Co-Chair of the Campaign Advisory Committee. “It will also keep supporters informed about how their contributions are making a significant difference.”

The website features malaria statistics and information about the NetsforLife® program partnership, including details about its impact on communities across sub-Saharan Africa. The “Get Involved” section is a unique aspect of the site, with free materials to help visitors plan campaigns and educate themselves and their communities about the disease. Visitors will have access to congregational tools including frequently asked question sheets, stories from the field, bulletin inserts, liturgical materials and the campaign brochure. Additionally, special curricula are available for young children, youth and adults, along with a range of visual materials including photos, videos and photo slideshows. News on NetsforLife®, the Inspiration Fund, and Episcopal Relief & Development will also be available. 

Barbara Case Senchak of the Diocese of Newark, Co-Chair of the Campaign Advisory Committee observed, “Our Church is committed to continue the fight against malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. The NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund provides easy ways for engagement, starting with a $12 net.” 

Since 2008, NetsforLife® has delivered nearly 3 million nets across 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, resulting in less sickness, fewer deaths and stronger communities. Partnering with churches and faith-based groups in remote communities, NetsforLife® combats malaria by training community agents to deliver life-saving nets and educating community members about proper net use and maintenance. The program ensures sustainability by providing ongoing monitoring and evaluation of net use. 

The NetsforLife® program partnership is making a difference in addressing all of the MDGs, but particularly goals 4 (reducing child mortality), 5 (improving maternal health) and 6 (preventing and treating disease).

If you would like to join this effort, please go to the “Get Involved” section on the site for information on how to plan a campaign. 

To make a contribution to the NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund, click here or call 1.855.312.HEAL (4325). Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief & Development (noting NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund in the memo line), PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.

Episcopal Relief & Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States and an independent 501(c)(3) organization. The agency takes its mandate from Jesus’ words found in Matthew 25. Its programs work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Together with the worldwide Church and ecumenical partners, Episcopal Relief & Development rebuilds after disasters and empowers people by offering lasting solutions that fight poverty, hunger and disease, including HIV/AIDS and malaria.