Early Warning System in El Salvador

House reconstruction on higher foundation to be resilient to floods in El Salvador.

Salinas del Potrero in El Salvador, a community of one thousand people, suffers annual flooding that causes residents to evacuate.

The region only has one loudspeaker to alert the community of any danger. In a community assessment, the team learned that members in the farthest communities could not hear the loudspeaker, making them the most vulnerable to flooding or tsunamis.

The church identified a solution to improve the early warning system by purchasing walkie-talkies. The church team and community members visited each high-risk area and tested the system’s reach and efficiency. Even five miles from the farthest community, the walkie-talkies worked! 

The church decided to buy a pair of walkie-talkies for each of the target communities. They also trained key leaders in strategically located areas to act as a point-person between communities and government officials, giving notice of any impending hazards and then conveying information using a communication phone tree. 

The system strengthened the social cohesion within the communities in the region. When a disaster occurs, the community can collectively act together. 

Several years after the system was installed, the communities continued to speak of their ability to evacuate in time.

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