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By Andrew Wootson

Decades of Grassroots Learning Equips E-CARE to Help Transform Region

I live in a house located about 50 yards up a slippery dirt and limestone path, on the side of a valley that surrounds Poblacion Tadian. The house, luckily for me, is also situated at a prime vantage point to view the compound of Saint Michael and All Angels parish, which is where the South East 

By Chad Brinkman

La Planificación Financiera Inspira a Mujeres Guatemaltecas a Invertir en el Futuro

This story is a translated version of a previous story: Inspiring Women to Invest in Their Futures through Financial Planning.
  En Guatemala, pequeños grupos de residentes de poblados están realizando un trabajo conjunto, para

By Shaun Walsh

World Malaria Day: Invest in the Future

The World Health Organization reports that “we are winning the fight against malaria,” but warns there is the risk of resurgence if we don’t take care to sustain the gains made so far against this disease, which still kills an estimated 430,000 children each year.  

By Chad Brinkman

Green Hills School and NetsforLife®: Changing the World Through Innovation

Imagine a classroom where there are no desks, and where students are encouraged to write directly on the table in front of them. Imagine a classroom where students are given the latest technology to build trebuchets and catapults, implements of medieval warfare, to better connect and understand 

By Sean McConnell

Learning to Live in Hope of Resurrection

I have to admit that writing a blog for Good Friday is a real challenge for me. To me, Good Friday has always felt like one of those inevitable processes that you have to get through to reach the glorious and grace
filled outcome on the other side. As we know, there would be no Easter without Good 

By Pamela Penn

Maundy Thursday: To Serve is to Love

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” —John 13:34
35 This is the commandment Jesus gave to his disciples as he humbly washed their feet 

By Sara Delaney

What Makes You Feel Independent?

I traveled to Ghana earlier this month with some clear expectations. I hadn’t been to visit our program there since last May, when we were just kicking off our Grand Challenges Explorations Grant program, as I wrote about in Getting Ready for the Donkeys. At that point, 100 women had decided

By Ethan Lowery

Episcopal Asset Map: Aerial Tours of The Episcopal Church -- Sign Up Now!

My name is Ethan Lowery and I have a confession. I am an extrovert.  And a church nerd. So imagine how exciting it is for me to take folks on an aerial tour of The Episcopal Church across the 50 states, through the Episcopal Asset Map! To clarify, this is a virtual aerial tour, through an

By Rob Radtke

A Prayer for Those Living in Poverty and Hunger

One of the most important ways of engaging with our work around the world, and especially during the 75th Anniversary Celebration, is by lifting up prayers for the communities in which we work. This prayer comes from Lifting Women’s Voices: Prayers to Change the World, a collection of 

By Faith Rowold

Japan Earthquake Anniversary: Three Little Owls

Once upon a time, three little owls sat at my desk. The story of where they came from has a sad beginning, but a joyful end. In the beginning is the triple disaster that hit eastern Japan on March 11, 2011.  That day, an 8.9
magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the country’s 


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