Rob Radtke

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017

Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Generosity

Happy Thanksgiving! In this blog, our president Rob Radtke names a few things in his life that he’s grateful for.

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Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017

Celebrating Great Triumph on All Saints’ Day

Rob shares one of the most powerful experiences he has had on All Saint’s Day.

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Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017

The Water and Sanitation Mystery

In a recent report that our President Rob Radtke read, he came across a mystery. 

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Monday, Aug 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey 2017: What can I do to help?

Learn how you can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. President of Episcopal Relief & Development Rob Radtke writes about the three R’s of disaster: Rescue, Relief and Recovery, then reminds us that our response to Hurricane Harvey and disasters like it are a marathon, not a sprint. 

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Thursday, Jun 08, 2017

One Simple Way To Leave A Rich Legacy

President Rob Radtke explains why while he and his wife were getting their affairs in order, they chose to become members of Episcopal Relief & Development’s Matthew 25 Planned Giving Society, ensuring that the organizations they love are taken care of when they pass on.

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Thursday, Apr 13, 2017

President Robert W. Radtke Shares Easter Meditation

We invite you to join us as we encounter this Lenten journey together. Know that you are in our hearts and prayers this season as we invite you to pray for the people we serve and for our staff and friends who commit their lives to healing a hurting world. 

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