SHARE about the campaign with congregations and communities on social media, through online peer-to-peer fundraising and other creative campaign activities.


How to Get a Campaign Started in Your Community

Simple steps and tips to get you started on a successful campaign.


How to Observe an Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday

Congregations are invited to observe Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday on the first Sunday in Lent, or another convenient Sunday.


How to Order Print Materials

All print materials for ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE are available for order through Forward Movement. All materials are free; a minimal fee will be charged for shipping and handling. Large orders or overnight and second-day delivery will incur additional shipping costs.


To place orders, call Forward Movement toll free at 1.800.543.1813 or visit the Forward Movement website. We recommend that materials be ordered at least two weeks in advance to ensure they will arrive in time at the least expensive shipping rate.


Ideas for Engaging Community

ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE is an excellent opportunity to engage your community in the work of Episcopal Relief & Development. Here are some fun and creative ways to help communities nurture children to their full potential through activities and fundraising!


Individual Fundraising Campaign

SHARE the opportunity to make an act of love. Start an individual fundraising page and inspire others to LEARN, SHARE and GIVE over ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE.




TOOLKITS - Updates ongoing.

A Toolkit For Individuals

A Toolkit For Congregations


A Toolkit For Congregations

SHARE the campaign and the work of Episcopal Relief & Development with your congregation and provide a meaningful opportunity to join us in ministry and in loving our global community through caring and nurturing our children.

Bulletin Insert – full page

Bulletin Insert – half page

Campaign Blurb for bulletin announcements or newsletters

Campaign Volunteer Job Description

Curriculum Guide

Display Board

Email and Social Template

FAQs – Episcopal Relief & Development


How to get a campaign started in your community

How to order print materials

How To’s for Churches

How To’s for Volunteers

Ideas for Engaging Community

Individual Fundraising Campaign


Printable Campaign Posters

Seasonal Toolkits

          Plan an Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday


Tell us your Story


Worship Resources

A Toolkit For Dioceses

For more information or questions about the campaign, please contact Episcopal Relief & Development at