Communities of Learning

Communities of Learning is a four-session curriculum intended for small group gatherings, online or in person. The sessions are based on Episcopal Relief & Development’s three life-changing priorities – Women, Children and Climate. The fourth session focuses on our Disaster Response and Resilience work. The objective is to help participants grow in awareness of and desire to serve the populations and priorities aligned with these areas of Episcopal Relief & Development. As a faith formation curriculum, it offers group support and asks participants to be open to where God may be leading. We know that our strengths come from pursuing what we are interested in, so we trust that our strengths relative to this good work will be revealed in the prayerful learning process. 

There is a PowerPoint or PDF for each of the four sessions with notes for the leader or presenter. You can use whatever format works best for your group. The facilitator’s guide provides formation objectives, learning goals, community agreements, preparation tips and additional resources.


PDF | PowerPoint
Presentation Notes

The first 1,000 days are foundational
affecting a child’s capacity to grow,
learn and thrive.


PDF | PowerPoint
Presentation Notes

Empower and promote the
rights of women.


PDF | PowerPoint
Presentation Notes

Help communities prepare
and recover as quickly as possible.

Disaster Response & Resilience

PDF | PowerPoint
Presenter Notes

Disaster resilience includes
preparedness, mitigation
and response.



The guide provides objectives,
learning goals, preparation tips
and additional resources.