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Friday, Jul 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Donkeys

By Sara Delaney
During a recent visit up in Northern Ghana, I had the opportunity to sit down under nice shady tree and chat with Alan
eta Atubiga, one of the 100 women who has chosen to participate in our Gates Grand Challenge Grant project. After hearing about the 

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Tuesday, Jul 08, 2014

Guatemalan Youth Make a Difference through Reforestation Program

By Meg Hall
This week our team is attending the Episcopal Youth Event 2014, or EYE14. For the uninitiated, EYE14 is a gathering of Episcopal youth to discuss the social issues of our time as well as consider deeper engagement with those issues. It’s pretty awesome

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Sunday, Jul 06, 2014

Louisville Church Joins with Sudanese Congregation to Care for Displaced

By Chad Brinkman
Disasters come in many forms. In most cases, we think of disasters in terms of natural phenomena like earthquakes and hurricanes. The reality is that disasters can be anything that disrupts the function of a community or creates loss of life and

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Friday, Jul 04, 2014

Celebrating Independence and Praying For Peace

By Mike Smith
This July 4, we celebrated the 238th anniversary of our country’s declaration of independence. As I left the house yesterday morning, our family was contemplating how we might spend the day: the beach, a cookout, fireworks display. Maybe 

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Sunday, Jun 29, 2014

Texan Barbecue Feast Nourishes Communities Worldwide

By Chad Brinkman
Being from Texas, I understand the inexplicable draw of slow cooked brisket over smoky wood and the hot, tangy bite of a well-prepared rib.  Whether a perk of my position, or owing to the fact that I have family that raised cattle in my youth,

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Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014

Disaster Risk Reduction Also Heals

By Nagulan Nesiah
A few weeks ago, we shared a story on a group of elderly folks in rural China who are making a difference in their community by cleaning up their local river and installing a system to bring fresh water to their homes. On the opposite end of the age

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