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Pastors and Disasters: A Toolkit for Community-Based Disaster Resilience

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022

Episcopal Relief & Development is pleased to share the Pastors and Disasters Toolkit, a
resource manual and workbook of practical tools designed to help improve our efforts to
respond more effectively to the increasing severity and frequency of disasters, especially
within the context of local Anglican or Episcopal churches and organizations.

African Population and Health Resource Center: Endline Summary Report, August 2021

Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

This 2019 endline evaluation summary report highlights findings of the impact, process and cost-effectiveness of the community-based parenting empowerment programs in Kenya and Zambia. The evaluation assessed if the program increased Primary Caregivers’s adoption of high-impact behaviors to improve interactions with children, responsive care, early learning and safety and security.

Individual & Family Preparedness

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Disaster-response authorities recommend three primary actions families should take to prepare for disasters: Have a plan for who to call and where to meet; Stay informed of events and conditions; Make an emergency kit that provides for medical needs, plus food, water and temporary shelter.

Preparación individual y familiar

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Según la FEMA, hay tres cosas fundamentales que puedes hacer para garantizar la seguridad y el bienestar tuyo y de tu familia durante una catástrofe: hacer un plan, mantenerse informado y obtener un botiquín.

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Q&A

Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

The FEMA COVID-19 funeral assistance program is a federal program reimbursing people for
costs associated with COVID-19 deaths in the United States since January 20, 2020. This FAQ breaks down questions around multiple decedents, immigration status, church reimbursements and more.

Diocesan Leadership Team

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Effective diocesan leadership in a disaster benefits greatly from an organized team of clergy and lay representatives who are responsible for key response and recovery functions, and committed to frequent communication among the team members and with the congregations impacted by the disaster.

Explicación del ciclo emocional de la vida de un desastre

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Los desastres afectan emocionalmente a la gente en diferentes grados, ya sea si está afectada directa o indirectamente. Este gráfico muestra la jornada, alargada por una pandemia o desastres múltiples, desde el impacto hasta la nueva normalidad, y proporciona términos aplicables a cada hito. También contiene una explicación escrita del significado de las etapas del ciclo de vida de un desastre.

Mantener la resiliencia en tiempos Inciertos

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Mantener la resiliencia en tiempos inciertos es una capacitación creada específicamente para dirigirse a las necesidades espirituales, emocionales y físicas de las personas durante la pandemia mundial de la COVID-19. Esta capacitación está estructurada para que se pueda impartir en línea empleando videoconferencias y otras herramientas digitales, y se puede adaptar a diferentes niveles de dominio

The Lifecycle of a Disaster

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

This worksheet provides definitions of the different stages of disasters: preparedness, impact, rescue, relief, short-term recovery and long-term recovery. Helpful to use during disaster preparedness workshops so that every person has a unified understanding of disaster terms.

Asset-based Responses to Disasters (Venn-diagram)

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

During disaster preparedness workshops, give this venn-diagram worksheet to participants as you work together to identify recovery organizations, needs of the community, faith groups in the community and networks within The Episcopal Church.

Disaster Venn Diagram

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

During disaster preparedness workshops, give this venn-diagram worksheet to participants as you work together to identify recovery organizations, needs of the community, faith groups in the community and networks within The Episcopal Church.

A Season of Resilience: Household Checklist

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

Follow these steps to make a plan for disasters and put together an emergency kit for households. The checklist includes actions to take as well as items to buy or gather ahead of disasters.

Maintaining Resilience During Uncertain Times

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2020

Maintaining Resilience During Uncertain Times is a training developed specifically to address individuals’ spiritual, emotional and physical needs during the global COVID-19 pandemic. This training is structured to be facilitated online using video conferencing and other digital tools, and can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of comfort with technology.

A Season of Resilience: Make A Kit For Someone Else

Friday, Jun 05, 2020

Churches, families and individuals are encouraged to do their best to have supplies on hand that will come in handy during evacuation or while sheltering-in-place. Not all households can do this easily. This list outlines standard items to gather for your neighbors and friends in need ahead of a disaster.

Identificación y Reducción del Riesgo

Friday, May 29, 2020

Este taller fue creado después del tiroteo ocurrido en Mother Emanuel, en Charleston, Carolina del Sur. Fue diseñado para crear espacio para que los participantes compartan historias sobre sus temores y hablen sobre los peligros en sus comunidades.