Sean McConnell

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

Maundy Thursday: The Last Shall be First

By Sean McConnell

I think more than any other, Maundy Thursday services are the ones I remember most from my childhood. I always thought they were peculiar and mysterious. Since I’m a PK (priest’s kid), it was my dad I remember most. He would sit on

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Thursday, Mar 27, 2014

Want to Get a Kid’s Attention? Talk about poo!

By Sean McConnell

Recently, my colleague Katie Mears and I were invited to make a presentation to the Gooden School, an Episcopal school in Sierra Madre, California. Gooden is a K
8 school, and I started wondering how we could possibly hold the attention of children who are as you

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Tuesday, Dec 03, 2013

The Advent Paradox

For those of us from liturgical traditions, time is a sacred thing. It is Advent, more than any other season that drives this home for us. It is our New Year in church time. We mark each day with special calendars and each week with candles on a wreath. We read prophets who set our hearts on the 

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Monday, Nov 11, 2013

Taking the Long View on Disaster Recovery

When Typhoon Haiyan struck, a colleague and I were packing our bags for a visit with our partners in the Philippines. Initially, it wasn’t clear if the typhoon would set things back since the Philippines experience around 20 typhoons a year, and as a result have built a capacity for responding

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Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013

St. Francis Day- Giving A Gift for Life

On Friday, October 4th, a very peculiar saint will be honored throughout the Christian world. Although he was from a wealthy family, he chose to live in poverty. He preached to a Sultan in Egypt, a flock of birds in the trees, and a ferocious wolf. He founded orders for men and women, and in 2013

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Monday, Jun 10, 2013

Searching for a Metaphor

I’ve heard “It’s like drinking from a fire hose” quite a few times since I arrived in New York, but I’m not so sure. Yes, there is a great deal to learn about the work of Episcopal Relief & Development, but the fire hose analogy sounds really unpleasant to me. There has 

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