Tamara Plummer

Monday, Mar 27, 2023

Mapping Assets Builds Resilience

Episcopal Relief & Development Program Officer Tamara Plummer shares her first-hand experience on the importance of the Episcopal Asset Map and how the collaborative project between Episcopal Relief & Development and The Episcopal Church allows congregations to respond to disasters in the most under-resourced and unrepresented communities in the United States.

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Friday, Mar 26, 2021

LENTEN REFLECTION | Creating A World That Is God’s Dream

by Tamara Plummer Then I acknowledged my sin to you, and did not conceal my guilt; I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.” Then you...

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Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019

On the ground in California: Being Present with Communities Post-Disaster

Tamara Plummer, Program Officer for Asset Recognition, recounts her time in the Golden State late last year during and after the tense moments of the wildfires and Thousand Oaks shooting.

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Thursday, Sep 15, 2016

Thinking About & Preparing For Disasters

Thinking about a possible disaster can be overwhelming for many people, but preparing for the “what-ifs,” as you will see in this blog post, will help you. Here’s a blog article from the perspective of our Episcopal Relief & Development US Disaster Team with easy-to-follow steps and resources to help you be resilient in times of a disaster.

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Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016

Episcopal Asset Map: The Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement working in the world

Episcopalians really hate taking credit; we seem to take great pride in no one knowing about the amazing ways that we are living our Christian call in our communities and throughout the world. My name is Tamara Plummer and as a cradle Episcopalian, I take ownership that I too have at times shied away from being braggadocious about my faith and life in the church.

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