Mike Smith

Wednesday, Mar 04, 2020

Under the Mango Tree: A Savings Group is Born

Twenty-five men and women from the farming community of Kuladaboog in Northern Ghana were meeting for the second time under the shade of a huge man...

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Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

Two Women and a Truck Help Put a Community Back Together

As Hurricane Florence draws nearer, we send prayers and support our partners as they prepare to respond to the needs of the impacted community. At this time, we also recognize the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey. Mike Smith, Major Gifts Officer, shares a story of a community in Texas and how they are rebuilding and recovering together.

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Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018

Harvey One Year Later

One year after Hurricane Harvey inundated South Texas, the recovery process seems almost as random as the storm itself. How are people doing? It depends. People with few resources are struggling, as if the storm had just hit. And for many, a nagging depression lingers. They know that full recovery is a long way away.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Puerto Rico is “The Diocese of Hope”

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico last fall, but communities are recovering bit by bit and are preparing for the upcoming season.

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Tuesday, Feb 06, 2018

Small Church Plays Big Role in a Community’s Recovery

All across the dioceses of Southeast Florida and Central Florida, church partners are helping in ways large and small. Read on and discover how the St. Columba Episcopal Church in Marathon, Florida is making a difference in their community.

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Tuesday, Jan 02, 2018

8 Stories of Recovery in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Episcopal Relief & Development Major Gifts Officer Mike Smith traveled to Houston to survey the devastating damage left by Hurricane Harvey and to document the work of our church partners. He returned with hopeful stories of people and communities profoundly changed as they recover from the storm.

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